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102 Poll results for parkerboats 1/27/2004 15:01:00

The following parkerboats poll is now closed. Here are the
final results:

POLL QUESTION: ***Important - ENTER 2 Choices! ***

First ENTER what Sport Cabin model
you already "Have" out of the FIRST 3

Then enter what OTHER hull
config you would "Like to have" if you
had to buy another hull, but COULD NOT
buy what you already have. Got it?
Remember .. you need to enter TWO

- Have: Mod-V 2520, 5 votes, 20.83%
- Have: XL Model, 4 votes, 16.67%
- Have: Deep-V 2520, 2 votes, 8.33%
- Like to Have: Mod-V 2520, 1 votes, 4.17%
- Like to Have: XL Model, 12 votes, 50.00%
- Like to Have: Deep-V 2520, 0 votes, 0.00%

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