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112 ustank2 Re: New Parker 2120 Questions 2/13/2004 14:44:00

1- Depends on the bottom in which you are anchoring. Mud, rock, sand.
We use a Fortress (great replacement policy for bent parts, used it
five times) and a grappling type in rock. Have torn up several iron
Danforth types. Get plenty of chain because that makes the anchor
work. Need lots of rode too.

2-I would think that you would be at the minimum on the trailer.
better safe than sorry. Others may have opinions fron their
experience. Get good brakes too. If you pull very much you will
appreciate more trailer. More than one axle pulls straighter. Get
axles that lube bearings from the back. This will save a lot of hassle.

3- Depends where the mount is placed. More forward mounting will
reduce the problem.

4- Never tried it. No advice on that one.

The board has been inactive. Guess all the Parker owners that are
signed on to the board are not having problems they can not solve
without help. That is a good thing. It is cold in many parts of the
country and many boats are in storage.

As far as another site, don't know. I started this one because my boat
is diesel and there is very little accurate information available
locally. Wanted to be able to communicate with others with that type
engine. Have gotten good info from other diesel owners that have
solved little pesky problems. These arethe best answers I can give
from my experience. I am sure others can add more. Hope you find the
board useful.

Buddy Tison
Jax, FL