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113 parker25lc Re: New Parker 2120 Questions 2/13/2004 18:06:00

1) Ancor style & size??
I LOVE the Danforth-type Hi-Tensile ones. I used to use a Fortress
but it "sailed" too much on the way down. A 1-pound heavier HT
Danforth sets better with same rode and chain setup ... and yes, I
use plenty of chain.

2) 4700# trailer enough??
You MUST come up with a good estimate, I find doubling the hull
weight to be a good starting point. Make sure you ADD the weight of
the trailer itself when determinging your vehicle loading/towing
capacity ... so many leave that out.

3) 8' antenna get in the way of covering the boat??
It did when I went to cover mine and I have 2 off the cabin roof. I
simply undid the bolt on the quick-release mount.

4) Shoot-thru transducer??

Use the flat pad in the stern, about 1 foot forward on port side.