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114 kynan2320 Re: New Parker 2120 Questions 2/13/2004 18:19:00

1. Danforth. And I've bent it a couple times using the ball
retrieve method. A sledgehammer on the ground usually works fine to
fix it.

2. No idea on the trailer

3. Shoot through? I have fishfinders on my 2320. THe pad that
folks reference is under my bildge pump. I have an older thru hull
with a Lowrance 192/50 brass transducer, and I put in a garmin blue
what was it 200?..anyway the one above the 160. I bought the shoot
through transducer from . You can mount that at
an glue in the mold, set it to the degree of deadrise,
and fill with oil...forget the kind...the one you take for
constipation. Mineral?

Shoot through works like a charm. Only prob is when both are on at
the same time..think the frequencies interfere with one another. The
shoot through works much better while underway.