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115 rangertimbo Thanks for the answers! 2/14/2004 9:34:00

Thank you. I am waiting for the delivery of the boat from Parker. To bide my
time I
mull over this kind of information. Meanwhile, I am missing the striper action
at the
VA/NC border.

Perhaps it may help if I am more specific about why I asked these four questions
Question 1) My reason for asking was more to find out if pulpit rollers are
suitable for certain anchor styles or does it matter? I have no experience with
a roller
or windlass. I have both Danforth and Navy styles and will be getting a claw
for rocky
areas/wrecks. I always use about four feet of chain and about three times the
minimum for rode. Any one used a plow style? There's a new one out in Cabela's
that has a self-righting feature to ensure proper position on the bottom. I
just don't
like paying for freight on things as heavy as anvils!

Question 2) I believe the boat will weigh more than the dealer is willing to
3250 dry wt + 475 Motor + 600 lbs. of fuel + 200 batteries/anchors/stuff + 100
coolers = 4500 lbs. minimum. I'm going to insist on a heavier weight rated
Unfortunately, I launch in some really shallow ramps at times and will need a
style. I can always convert to a bunk later (I have used bunk trailers all my
life, but
with much lighter boats- they are not difficult to retrieve). Teflon glide
strips are "the

Question 3) I'm trying to decide between an eight foot or a four foot antenna.
I have
had both and the storage issue is difficult to reconcile with the safety of
power/reach. I might just make a hole in the cover for the ant. I like the
ability to bring in places like Cape May, NJ, CG Station when I'm at the mouth
of the
Chesapeake Bay!

Question 4) I have preferred using the skimmer type transducer epoxied to the
interior hull in the past. It has provided good results, but I have not been
able to
adjust it for better arches. I don't buy boats that have balsa or foam cored
This time I think I'll try a temporary mount with silicone and play with angle
until I get
it perfect. One of the benefits of epoxy is getting to buy a new unit when you
sell the
old boat- there's no removing J-B Weld!