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117 ustank2 Re: Thanks for the answers! 2/14/2004 10:12:00

By plenty of chain I mean about the length of the boat. 25' of 5/16
is the size on my boat. I use 4 feet on my 14' boat I use in the
creeks of the ICW. The weight of the chain becomes an issue when you
haul it up by hand. We use a winch. Believe me the anchor goes down
fast with that much chain.

Go with the 8' antenna, carry the 4' for emergency.

The roller trailers are out of favor down here. Too much maintenance.
I see them traveling south on I-95. They are always from up north
somewhere. My be the ramps are different. Out of 100 trailers in the
parking lot, maybe one has rollers and came from somewhere else. Also
hulls by manufacturers of other brands were thin and were suppose to
dent under the weight of the boat on rollers. If you can use a bunk
trailer I would. If it is properly designed for the hull it loads
easy. Just drive on. It does seem like you are driving into the truck
bed. That can be scary at times. The trailer winch on ours is used to
pull up the last 12 inches or so.

I know you are excited about the arrival of your new boat. You will be
pleased with a Parker as I am.