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119 bsr2520 Repower of a 2520 Deep Vee 2/18/2004 11:40:00

Hi Guys: I currently have a 1998 2520 Deep Vee with a single Yammy
250. Currently I have approx. 1200 hours on the motor and I am
beginning to think about a repower. My choices are the 250 or 300
HPDI or a Suzuki 250 four stroke. Does anybody have any first hand
information on any of these motors. I am aware that the first batch
of 250 HPDI's did have issues. With regard to the Suzy, I am not
concerned about service or price as the purchase will be made from
one of my close friends who is a Suzy dealer. My concern is whether
the big four will have the torque to push my boat. I look forward
to some good discussions. Lets try to keep this forum active. It
can be done as we were able to keep the old Parker message board

thanks in advance,