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122 raggits Re: 2520xl vs. sport cabin(deep V) 2/23/2004 15:49:00

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> Hello all:
> I've been going over posts on the old site and trying to determine
> anyone has actually ridden these two hulls in similar conditions.
> prefer the layout of the xl, but am concerned about the 16 degree
> deadrise.
> I understand that it is a heavier boat and that Parker tried to
> it a sharp entry, but I spend alot of time in 3-5 feet of chop
> our coast and in S.F. bay and am worried about the amount of
> Has anyone, in fact, ridden both of these boats in a heavy chop?
> so, could you please relate your experiences?
> Thanks,
> Bill, I have a 2520 XL and I have been out in a good chop, I don't
know if it was 3-5, but with the bow trimmed all the way down, it
did not pound....I came out of a 23' Seacraft that I owned for 15
years to buy this boat and I have not been disappointed yet.....