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123 fishinfireman Kodiak 12" disc brake pads 3/2/2004 13:08:00

This is something I just learned and thought it might be useful for
those that don't know already.
I have a Performance dual axle trailer with 12" Kodiak disc brakes
and I called the local trailer place to see if they had brake pads.
They did and they wanted $36.00 per wheel for them :o . I did some
checking on the net and found this information. You can buy the same
pads at any auto parts store. Kodiak uses pads that fit '82 - '92
Chevy Cavalier. There are several different part #s in this range of
year models but the pads are all the same. I think we found a set
that didn't have the little metal squeelers on them but the pad was
exactly the same. These pads do not have stainless backing plates but
neither do the originals. I got all the pads for four wheels for
about $36.00. Hope this helps somebody.

Here is the page where I found the info:
<a href=""></a>