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124 Wayne Propellor Questions 3/2/2004 23:11:00

OK guys;

It seems that many of the larger Parkers with 200+ hp Yamaha's are
running the 15x17T black SS prop, which is what the factory sent.

Has anyone found a prop that performs better?

For example:

1. Has anyone tried a Saltwater Series prop?

2. Has anyone tried a 4 blade prop?

3. Has anyone tried a prop from another mfg (Merc., Michigan,
Stiletto, etc)?

I would like to improve cruise speed, maintain or increase fuel
efficiency and lastly, not trim too much off the top end speed. I
know, I want it all.

My boat is a 2310 WA w/full transom & F225 on a bracket. With hard
top, curtains, full tank (150 gal) and bottom paint (but minimal
personal gear and no fishing equip., ice, etc), I can turn about
5,500 RPM @ WOT, which is marginal in my mind - would like to be
5,700 or higher.