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126 lem6374 2320 SC/DV 3/11/2004 10:13:00

I just found this group thanks to a tip from Reel-Rascles on THT.
Glad to see a new parker forum.

Here is a question I posted on THT. I would appreciate you
opinions and advice.

I am going this weekend to look at a leftover 2003 Parker 2320
SC/DV (my quest continues for another weekend!). It is has a
Yamaha 200 HPDI on a bracket. This is one of the recomended
packages from Parker but I was wondering if in your experience
this is enough power for this boat. I am not into hole shots but
when it turns ugly offshore I want to have the power to get in

Boat has pulpit, (no windlass), full transom w/fish boxes, bait
well, tabs, bracket w/platform, all standard equipment and no
trailer. Being a leftover what price range should I be considering
to offer. I know there are regional price differences (in live in
Massachusetts) but I was looking for a ballpark figure.