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147 frkowt1 Big Bay 23 4/17/2004 19:17:00

Hey I have just joined this group so Hello. I have a Parker Big Bay
23 with a Yam 250 HDPI, and fish between Apalachicola and Panama
City, Florida. I'm interested in having discussions with other 23
Big Bay owners. I have never seen any other Big Bay boats around
here or anywhere else either, so I'm not expecting a lot of
feedback. I understand most are sold in Texas. This is a great
fishing platform that offers shallow draft and is a well built boat
that also looks very well with classic lines.
I must say that Parkers web site is horrible at best and I never
would have bought this boat based on the info and pics on the site
but I just had a hunch that if I ever actually saw the boat for real
that I would like it and sure enough thats what happened.
I do have one general question. Does anyone have the flush mounted
cleats and if you and they rattle while at low rpms what have you
done to eliminate this very irritating noise?