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153 mtnoles2003 Re: Still looking for a 23 Se or DV 4/22/2004 16:24:00

--- In <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=MMedbb7wHU2ZXBr5Sk4oBP2c2YXFdZGdWA_NFfSu-Hjh3rsipAUgs6ZDmxwVaNSQrk3bo4OzqmVSglJj3f3u7jUs-5o"></a>, "ustank2" <tison_t@p...> wrote:
> I would assume that you are looking for previously owned boat.
> you been to the dealers in Florida? Might not be that much
> in price. There seems to be little dissatisfaction with Parkers so
> turnover of used seems to be less than other brands. I live in
> Jacksonville and bought mine in Marathon. About 450 miles one way.
> to do a lot of travel and looking around Florida to get what I
> at a good price. Where in Florida do you live? Will keep my eyes
> and will contact you if I see one available.

Thanks for replying, I live in the Tampabay area.

I did call some dealers around the area today but had no luck with a
used one, one guy told me though whatever the retail price is for
the parker line you should be able to get 10% off that price. Still
a little to high for me though, my ceiling is $27,000.

Thanks for the help.