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156 lavashoreman New Owners of 2529 XL 5/5/2004 18:57:00

Hello to All:

First time poster and new owner of an XL with F225. Have had it in
the water for all of 10 days and very happy so far (except that no
Danforth except the small S600 will fit in the locker without cutting
it down and/or grinding flats on the stock... realize that if that's
our worst problem we will be very lucky)
The neatest option we have is a very slick second station factory-
mounted on the bulkhead instead of the usual free-standing one. It
was a special order that the dealer had not seen before, but he is
now impressed. Same cost as the usual second station location.
Robin claims this rig will cruise at about 25mph at 4000rpm, with
about 40 mph at WOT. What is the real world experience of XL/F225
Any other comments or tips from experienced Paker owners would be
greatly appreciated. Our previous boat was a G-W 226 before
we "upgraded" to the Parker to extend the fishing season here in the
Northeast (NJ).