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161 lavashoreman Re: New Owners of 2529 XL 5/6/2004 9:48:00

Glad to hear you are happy with Schrader. Our last boat was a Grady
White and,despite all the J.D.Powers hype, the dealer had a major
attitude problem as if the customers were an inconvenience to him.
Not to mention rip-off prices for every little part or service. It
was the prime reason we started looking into other brands for our
next boat and, of course we quickly got hooked by the unique features
of the Parker.
The name is not on it yet (got some very nice lettering from ) but it will soon be on if the sun ever stays out
for two days straight. Look for the Colleen Anne II.


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> THis is my second Parker from Schrader and third boat from them.
> service, nice quality workmanship. I will be keeping mine on
a lagoon off
> the Metedeconk. Can't wait to get my family on it! Can't wait
to go
> fishing! Best of luck with yours, hope to run into you on the bay!
> Mike...