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186 Wayne Re: 23 DV/CC 7/8/2004 0:16:00

I have a 2004 2310 DV/WA with a F225 and would not want any less
ponies. I have ridden a 2300 DV/CC with a F225 and it was quicker and
more responsive than my boat - likely due to the heavier weight of my
boat. Both boats have full transom and bracket, although I'm not sure
that really makes much difference.

The 200 HPDI is the base motor they put on the boat, and may well be
why it has not sold, since 4 strokes are all the rage. However, I
would not let that be the deal breaker at this point. Sea trial the
boat & see how she performs, then decide.

As you probably know, the 2005's are due to start arriving any day,
so that is a 2 year old boat - they should be willing to deal!

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> Looking at a 23 DV/CC that is powered with a Yamaha 200HPDI.
> Althought this is listed on the Parker site as a power option I was
> wondering if this is enough power for this boat? It is a leftover
> 2003 so I was wondering why no one has opted to buy it.
> gl