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189 George Jacob Re: Yamaha F225 loss of throttle control 7/29/2004 12:14:00

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<div><font face="Arial" size="2">I had the same problem Mike, all you need to do is spray the throttle bearing assembly under the hood of the motor with WD-40 and let it soak in and it will be fine. every month or so give it another shot of WD. mine has been fine since May when it acting up the 1st time and has been fine since then.....</font></div>
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<div> </div><tt>Has anyone ever encountered this? I have a '04 2320SC with a Yam. 225 4 Stroke. A couple times I noticed the engine slow to get the message when closing the throttle to dead slow approaching my dock. A couple weks ago at 25 mph, I could not slow down at all. I turned off the key and restarted in N. The RPM's zoomed up. after several minutes they drifted down enough for me to place it in gear, (though still way too fast). Any advancing of the throttle sent the RPMs way up again. I managed to get it home but wished I could have chanced going to the dealer's dock with that still going on. They have dissambled the Morse dual station controls and reassembled them to the letter. The situation has not been duplicated in their hands. Engine data has been taken by comp. and sent to the engine mfg'r. No answer as yet or nothing has presented itself and it will be two weeks soon. I understand there was an earlier F225 throttle issue but my motor has the fix and was made after. Any ideas as right now the boat is sitting at the dealers dock collecting bottom growth and depreciating. </tt> </table>