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192 parker25lc Posted pictures of new custom pulpit 8/2/2004 22:16:00

Background: Boat was damaged last OCT, 2 days before puling her for
the season, rammed by another bot :( . Only had to replace the
existing Parker bowrail (this boat is TOUGH) and do some gelcoat
work. Decided to add a custom wood pulpit I designed myself and had
a friend cut the biscuits in the wood for, then glued up with epoxy
and added a new Parker bowrail.

I had to glass 20 holes on each side deck where the old rail was
held on by a deckplate, using four #10 bolts. I've had these sice
the start of the season, but this is the 1st chance to post them.

Link =
<a href="">;Pul</a>