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194 Wayne Re: Posted pictures of new custom pulpit 8/3/2004 21:56:00

Good looking work! Any particular reason you went with a "drop
through" type vs. an end mount?

Also, if that is your regular trailer, you better be careful you
don't stick that pulpit through the back window (if you tow with an
SUV) - that is a SHORT tongue!

I think the pulpit's really "make" the Parkers!

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> Background: Boat was damaged last OCT, 2 days before puling her for
> the season, rammed by another bot :( . Only had to replace the
> existing Parker bowrail (this boat is TOUGH) and do some gelcoat
> work. Decided to add a custom wood pulpit I designed myself and had
> a friend cut the biscuits in the wood for, then glued up with epoxy
> and added a new Parker bowrail.
> I had to glass 20 holes on each side deck where the old rail was
> held on by a deckplate, using four #10 bolts. I've had these sice
> the start of the season, but this is the 1st chance to post them.
> Link =
<a href="">;Pul</a>
> pit&.src=gr&.view=