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195 parker25lc Re: Pics of custom pulpit 8/4/2004 11:07:00

Thanks for the nice comments Wayne!

To answer your questions, I designed the pulpit with a "drop thru"
mount as I know it is a stronger method (less of a lever arm). I
also much prefer the traditional lines of a drop through, as you can
see I tricked the boat in the traditional Downeast manner.

In tight docking situations, my anchor is below and completely behind
the end of the pulpit ... no way I'm putting it thorugh another
boat's windshiled like I had someone to do me on my old boat ...
ripped the softop and windows right off - yikes! Plus, the boatyards
here in the Northeast add an extra foot or two to the overall length
f the boat (for storage, docking, or slips) for any item that
projects off the boat.

Regarding my trailer, yeah, somewhat of a short tongue huh? But no
worry's ... as she only goes 100' into the ramp in the Spring, and
another 100' out in the Fall.