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199 Mike Re: FYI - there''s a RECALL on Yummie F225 Throttles ... 8/4/2004 20:01:00

There was a previous recall for F225's 2003 and older, I beleive
which related to throttle bushings that needed replacing. Is this
message relating to that? I have a 2004 model with the correction
already in place and I am having problems with throttle control.
Pull back on the throttle and the bost won't slow down. You have to
shut off the key to stop. Over time, the RPM's will settle
down "some" but way to fast to shift into N without abusing the
components. Cables and controls have been disassembled and put back
together by the dealer to the letter. Information from the mfg'r is
ambiguous at best. Boat has been down for 2 1/2 weeks except for
test rides where, under certain conditions it wouldn't duplicate.
This phenomenon can range from aggrivating to hazardous depending on
where you are at the time. Boat is a 2004 2320 DVSC with dual
station. very frustrating.