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201 granpafish Re: Need advice on Parker 2520 8/5/2004 20:30:00

--- In <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=kNjF7hw1prRg6y6rxfdhNC_Zp8jAdmvmWjPenyZ8P8v-T5SNNPn00vA5ewTyEZ-K5eKRHrDVLN6DQ4KUaVi440A"></a>, mike332382@a... wrote:
> Be sure to make certain the passage from the anchor locker to the
bildge is
> clear and not clogged with leaves or some other debris. just my
2 cents...
> let us know what your ultimate solution is.

Thanks Mike, I'll check that. It appears that the water is dumping
directly from the deck but I will give it a look. I should mention
that my son has described the problem to me and that it hasn't been
rough enough for the problem to occur the last several times I've
been out, so this is a second hand account. I have seen where the
carpet and bunk is wet. Granpa