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202 granpafish Re: Need advice on Parker 2520 8/5/2004 20:35:00

--- In <a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=Odh24KbBwdUwpZ7kjecJRb9FfVVB65X6L_mnQKiRAVwPqvnMzpLiOipygGiPtJ6REqebR7-9-CHdel5pMbL5wU3u7p4"></a>, "ustank2" <tison_t@p...> wrote:
> Some of the water may be coming from the bolts backing out behind
> rub rail where it is not sealed properly. The water from the hawse
> pipe should run into the rope locker then to the bilge. The hole
> should face towards the pulpit. The forward pump needs the hose up
> keep water from entering the through hull excessively in rough
sea. At
> least this is what I found on my boat.

US< Thanks for the advice. I will check all the bolts. I don't
understand what you mean by the "hose up". Are you talking about
the forward bilge pump? Could you explain what that means? I'm not
only old, I'm not real smart. Thanks Granpa