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204 tuggerone Consider Aluminum!!!!!!!!!!! 8/6/2004 7:20:00

All you heavy duty commerical fishermen, divers or pleasure boaters
that need something heavy duty, consider aluminum. I just had a 26
ft alum. boat built, very similar to my 2520 Parker, only 100 times
stronger. Check out web sites like Tuff Boat and Seawolf Marine.
Very similar in price, but in my opinion a better value. I had a
2520 DVSC and was disappointed with performance. I thought she was
unstable and pounded even as a deep Vee. This alum. boat built by
Tough Boat is a better performer and is much lighter. Single 225
Honda, 26 ft, 8'6" beam and she cracks around 40 mph. Parker is a
great boat, but once you go to alum, you'll never go back to
fiberglass. PS Repairs and additions are simple if you have some
welding experience. Just throwing this out there..................