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205 ustank2 Re: Need advice on Parker 2520 8/6/2004 17:12:00

"don't understand what you mean by the "hose up". Are you talking about
the forward bilge pump? Could you explain what that means? "

There is a pump under the floor of the cabin. The outlet is just above
the water line. You can see it in the photo on the web page just below
the third upright in the rail. In rough sea the outlet will allow
water to enter and go inside to the bilge. Raising the hose higher
inside the locker in a loop helped keep some of the water out by
getting it above the water line even more. Got a check valve but never
installed it. Think a ball valve in the off position would work no
matter how rough it got. would just have to get inside the locker to
open the valve when you wanted to use the forward pump. Just one of
those things I never got around to doing.