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208 granpafish Re: Need advice on Parker 2520 8/7/2004 17:12:00

US, Now I got ya. I do need to check that. Thanks Granpa

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> "don't understand what you mean by the "hose up". Are you talking
> the forward bilge pump? Could you explain what that means? "
> There is a pump under the floor of the cabin. The outlet is just
> the water line. You can see it in the photo on the web page just
> the third upright in the rail. In rough sea the outlet will allow
> water to enter and go inside to the bilge. Raising the hose higher
> inside the locker in a loop helped keep some of the water out by
> getting it above the water line even more. Got a check valve but
> installed it. Think a ball valve in the off position would work no
> matter how rough it got. would just have to get inside the locker
> open the valve when you wanted to use the forward pump. Just one of
> those things I never got around to doing.