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21 Buddy Tison The Captn Has Arrived 10/8/2003 21:24:00

CaptHapnen has finally arrived. Scott is my partner on our Parker ,
Stank Bait. It is a 25 SC with Mercruiser diesel, the 4.2 D-Tronic.
Scott and I have been fishing together for many years. We did all the
rigging on our boat. That included outriggers, downriggers, bait well,
radios, radar, fishfinder, bolsters, anchor puller, fire supression
and more. If you ever need a large hole cut in your hull, Scott is the
man. Scott likes to steer and eat fried chicken which he manages to
get all over the wheel as well as the cabin. I handle the bait rigging
and work the spread and do most (all ) of the complaining. Scott does
not like for me to steer because he thinks I drive into all the holes,
causing a rough ride. I have even been accused of causing personal
injury to the passengers requiring a certain number of staples to be
required. At least that is what I was told. Well that is who we are.
For a picture of Scott look in the photos. One of them is an African