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214 Mike '' 04 Yamaha 225 4 Str. Loss of throttle cntl. fixed 8/21/2004 20:27:00

If anyone experiences a loss of throttle control on their '04 Yamaha
F200 or F225, this is what to check. These engines already had the
new throttle bushings and are not part of the previously mentioned
recall. There are linkages inside the motor that under certain
throtte settngs and temperatures will fetch up and not let you slow
down when you close the throttle. After an hour or so when the
engine cools, mystertiously idle speed is perfect. After dismantling
the control cables and reassembling them and other tests on the
motor, the dealer's tech found the problem. Took a while but all
set. The condition when it happens can range from an inconvenience
to dangerous.