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223 Tex Allen Re: Welcome Tex4771 and leaking windows ... 8/31/2004 0:06:00
<div> Mine dribbled a steady stream of water all over the instrument panel when we took spray. I would keep a beach towel on the dash board under the window. At the end of the day I would have a pile of towels soaked in the back of the boat. IThe problem I think is only on the hinged windows not the fixed ones. My gaskets and seals were fine. I finally found that the water was coming in at the top hinge. The new hinged windows that parker switched to in 2003 made by Diamond/Seaglaze in Canada are a much higher grade and do not leak. To buy them retail is about 8-900$ each The most that Parker did was ship me a roll of generic foam gasket material like you buy at a hardware store for stick on weather striping. I sure was not going to pull off the factory seals and stick on that stuff and I'm glad I didn't because I discovered that the windows were leaking at the hinge. I asked that they give me partial credit towards new windows or even sell me a set
of the new windows at cost and I would do all the labor and got the brush off. All this on a new boat with 10 hours on it. I had given up and was saving for the new windows when I got the idea to put tape over the hinges. Someday I may still cough up for the Diamond/Seaglaze windows. I was so pissed off I peeled the Parker stickers off the side of the boat.</div>
<div>While I'm bitching, Parkers dealer policy is near or over the line on illegal price fixing and restraint of trade. It is almost impossible to buy a Parker in most areas of the country execpt from the dealer nearest you. I do not care to deal with the local Parker dealer. One reason is that he is a dyed in the wool OMC guy. His mechanics know little about Yammers. Most of the Parkers he sells have OMC (Bomb) motors. I think he pulls the Yammers and sells them to other dealers and puts on OMC's.</div>
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<div>Overall I am pleased with the boat and enjoy it very much. There are many positives.</div>
<div>Just another company that needs to attend the Bennett trim tab school of customer service.</div>
<div> <b><i>parker25lc <></i></b> wrote:</div>
<blockquote class="replbq" style="PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #1010ff 2px solid"><tt>Welcome aboard Tex4771! I don't get the Parker leaky windows thing ... not saying you don't have a problem as enough Parker owners do/did. but my '92 doesn't leak a drop. I wonder if Parker changed manufacturer's? And if so, perhaps the old deign had a better seal or gasket design/materials? Reel-Rascals </tt> </blockquote>