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225 granpafish Granpa hasn''t forgotten 8/31/2004 16:51:00

Just wanted to touch base with you folks who advised me on the leak
that is possibly around the screws/bolts of the rubrail. I said
that we were pulling the boat that week and of course that never
happened for a variety of reasons. We will pull it at some point
and I will let you know what we find.
On the news front, my youngest son, who is a Parker freak, found
another 2520 for sale up in NY harbor (NY water taxi) and made a
deal last week. So.......we will be trading up from a 99 with a
mercruiser I/O 5.0L to a 2003 with a Yammie 225 4 stroke. The new
one has radar, so I'll have to learn how to operate something new.
(I still have trouble with a toaster) I will feel more comfortable
with an outboard as that is what I'm used to and the winterizing
won't frighten me to death like that I/O did last year. At any
rate, I'll update you guys as soon as we find the leak. Thanks
again. Granpa