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227 parker25lc Re: Deck Drain Scuppers ... "Under the water ...?" 9/7/2004 11:01:00

"Maybe you have discovered this already but the deck drain scuppers
sit below the water line on my 2320 DVSC ..."

Holy smokes! Are you kidding? (I know you're not ...) My 1st call
would be to Parker. Granted, I run a mod-V 2520, but the scuppers
are 4" above the waterline. Does this mean that in the deep-V config
that they's be underwater? If so, sounds likes a piss poor design to
me ... they should have moved them up or done something else.

FWIW those scuppers with the ball in the cup thingy work really well.
The version where the cup/housing twists off for regular cleaning
would be my choice.

I'd also do what you said and would paint the ID of the brass thru-
hull. Also check it for good condition, as that brass can breakdown
really fast when exposed/immersed in saltwater.

Good luck ... sorry I can't provide any more concrete info for you.