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232 ustank2 outriggers 9/8/2004 9:14:00

You should take into consideration what size and weight lures and
bait you will be pulling with the outriggers. The outriggers poles are
made in various stiffness and length. A heavy pole for large baits
and the more soft for lighter baits. Line weight too will determine
size of lure. You do not want the pole snaping back and forth a lot
due to waves etc. A light duty pole would be easy to deploy in light
sea from the top. A heavy pole would be easier to deploy from the
side. Attention should be paid to where the halyard could be placed.
The stiffer the pole the heavier bait, higher test line and the less
flopping around . A stiff pole will pull a light bait but but a light
pole wil not pull a heavy bait. Guess it is somwhat determined by what
species you are after. If mounting to side of cabin don't forget to
reinforce with backing plate and large washers. That's my opinion for
what it's worth. Good luck.