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233 Wayne Parker 2310 or 2320 w/F225 Props? 9/8/2004 21:31:00

I have a 2310 with full transom, bracket and Yam F225. Boat is
loaded up - hard top, curtains, full fuel (usually) plus gear - I'm
guessing about 6,000#.

I have tried the black Yam SS 17 pitch prop that came from the
factory, Yam Saltwater Series in 15 and 17 pitch and a Merc Mirage
Plus in 17 pitch.

I get the best mid range speeds from the 17 SWS, but it will only
turn 5,500 rpm. The next best choice of those 4 is the 15 SWS, which
will turn 5,800 - 5,900 and achieve the same WOT speed (~40 mph by
GPS) as the 17 SWS, but is 3-4 mph slower in the mid range. Economy
is very close between the 2, with the 17 SWS maybe slightly better.

I'd like to find something that will turn 5,800 - 5,900 and get back
some of that mid range speed. For example, with the 17 SWS, I am
running ~30 mph @ 4,500, and with the 15 SWS, only about 26 mph.

Any ideas - I know I will likely be considering something besides a
Yam prop and that is OK. Anyone running a 4 blade? Anyone running a
Stileeto, Turbo or Power Tech prop?