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234 granpafish Finally pulled the boat 9/15/2004 15:53:00

Well, we finally got the original 2520 pulled and I got a look at
the area where the leak is. It appears to me to be the shrinkage or
just lack of sealant or caulking between the hull and the molded
topside. There is a definite gap in the sealant right where the
water is coming in. I'm thinking that we ought to reseal the entire
boat with a good flexible product and then test to see if we also
need to do some work with the screws/bolts of the rubrail. The new
2520 also has a similar leak along the port side. (discovered on
the trip down from North Jersey) It looks like this may be a
chronic problem with Parkers. (at least for us) The new one is a
2003, so whatever sealant was used should certainly still be
working. At any rate, based on my experience you might want to keep
an eye out for leaks along the top of the hull. Thanks for all the
input on leak possibilities and the fixes. Granpa