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242 Dana Cunniff Re: Off Topic message posts 10/23/2004 11:44:00

I agree it is a rather quiet group.

I think it has a purpose.

I don't go to other sites for info like a lot of
others, but I have in the past.

It has a purpose for Parker owners. Is a matter of
what people use the site for so you can see about the
type of feedback you get.

--- ustank2 <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=JOJQ7_lIWLFOVzyOQnUVKwPgQhwBnEH4G9dA_NxbQMSj99zycCSlX2dE1yMmx3odcd-XOKxV1D_LPu_pxVktYLiS_w">tison_t@...</a>> wrote:

> Have had to take time to remove off topic message
> from board again.
> Although there has been little traffic, some of you
> that get the
> messages in digest form may get the message posted
> anyway. Sorry for
> the inconvience but there are always some people
> that join to try
> selling things not in any way related to Parker
> boats.
> Have changed the setting for more control over
> these activities.
> which will be incivienent for me. The group has been
> around for a
> little more than a year and has had little traffic.
> I do not know if
> the members find the board useful since the traffic
> has been limited.
> Should we shut it down? I need opinions. Not sure if
> anyone is really
> out there. I have to check often to be sure
> inappropriate posts are
> not made.
> This takes some time and I need to know if the board
> is useful or what
> changes need to be made for a better exchange of
> information.
> BT

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