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243 ustank2 Posts 10/23/2004 13:47:00

Have changed settings so that new members have to have approval
before messages are posted. Maybe that will solve help with the
problem. I check this board often to prevent posting of inappropriate
material. Anything unrelated to boating I delete from messages and
photos. The problem has been people joining, then posting sales
messages for all types of stupid things. Such as the last one that
wanted to consolidate your debts. I ban them, delete message but
sometimes I am not fast enough. Then they sign up under another fake
name and start again. If there are some Parker owners that are
intrested in helping to moderate the group, let me know. Sometimes I
am not able to check often enough and more eyes on the subject would
be useful. Other than having to watch on a regular basis it is not a
problem. Just can't see spending the time removing bogus messages if
members find the board unhelpful.