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244 Scott Re: Off Topic message posts 10/25/2004 19:25:00

I enjoy it and do check it fairly often. I am not a frequent poster but do hope
you keep it going. I am starting to see more Parkers down here in Florida,
hopefully more members will be joining!


Juannago 25scmv
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From: ustank2
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Sent: Friday, October 22, 2004 2:24 PM
Subject: [parkerboats] Off Topic message posts

Have had to take time to remove off topic message from board again.
Although there has been little traffic, some of you that get the
messages in digest form may get the message posted anyway. Sorry for
the inconvience but there are always some people that join to try
selling things not in any way related to Parker boats.
Have changed the setting for more control over these activities.
which will be incivienent for me. The group has been around for a
little more than a year and has had little traffic. I do not know if
the members find the board useful since the traffic has been limited.
Should we shut it down? I need opinions. Not sure if anyone is really
out there. I have to check often to be sure inappropriate posts are
not made.
This takes some time and I need to know if the board is useful or what
changes need to be made for a better exchange of information.


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