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261 Dana Cunniff Re: Window Removal 12/7/2004 19:27:00

I saved a thread from the
official site in 2002 on windows, and tried to attach
it here and send it out, but it wouldn't go. Read
more to the
beginning, where two do talk about successfully
removing windows. Doesn't say how, but maybe you can
contact them if nobody else answers, or if you know
their e-mail.

I pasted in the section where it was discussed


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posted July 03, 2002 01:43 PM
I have a 1990 25 Parker and the fixed windshield
windows leak, the sealant has shrunk away from the
window frame along time ago. I just got the boat and
am refitting it.
All of you are focusing on the windows what about the
support structure around the windows (the cabin) could
it need strengthening so the windows don't flex in the
frames and distort, this could possobly be the cause
of the leaks besides gasket problems.
By the was all screws on my port side where the deck
meets the hull are all gone, had water coming in too,
temp fix by caulking holes and putting screws in till
fall layup.

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posted July 08, 2002 03:58 PM
my 93 sport cabin came with one opening and
one fixed window...the dealer told me they
both would leak and they did, but only under
the severest conditions, ie rain or spray
driven hard for some time...i pulled and re
bedded the windows without any change, which
told me they were installed
big issue on the windows was sightlines...i
am 6ft 4in and i needed much more glass at the top to
prevent neck bending fatigue...i
removed both windows entirely [again] and
removed both windshield wiper motors and
apparatus, allowing a good 3in of higher cut
for the new son is a commercial
fishing skipper in the bering sea and had two
recc...first, the best windows and almost the
standard in the bering fleet is diamond-sea-
glaze in bc...second, that many skippers have
nearly as good luck using rainex scrupulously
as using wipers....i called gordon at dsg who
was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable to
work with...i selected 6mil safety plate with
no tint, both sides opening, black powder coat on
aluminum frame, four dogs, and hatch
grade construction [tight to 10-15ft under]
...i made a cardboard template of each side and mailed
it off....back came two windows of
stunning overall quality and heft...they dropped in
perfectly...drill,silicone, bolt
up process same as the first rebedding...i am
delighted with opening windows that are bone
dry in anything and give me standup viewline
fully erect posture [vs prior neanderthal pose]...the
"autopsy" of the standard window
was quite revealing: the hinge above leads to
frame channel all the way around...the bomar
window cannot be sealed, period, by design...
now the bad news...$1300 for the upgrade doing all my
own the last boatshow
i saw the newest 25 and it had dsg windows! only
remaining thought would be
whether parker can cut the windows higher on
request,with the identical window and much
more glass at the bottom instead of the top...the
window leak was merely annoyance,
but neck pain drove me to the upgrade expense
....hope that gives some perspective on the
window issues.... dan
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--- ustank2 <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=-yeF7hL9sABF93ZlnwsEFFpbEy1gfGIeGx7OIQ8YuqIJY7c76JxtG41mEpC0G01uGnGSF0TqBbc3dOW5pDLTdA">tison_t@...</a>> wrote:

> Has anyone removed the old style window (the opening
> type)? Any tips
> that may save the day. Looks like it has a gasket
> between the frame
> and the opening that has become loose. Are they
> sealed with something
> or just held in place with the screws? Use wedges to
> remove frame?

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