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262 parker25lc More on windows 12/7/2004 20:48:00

Yup ... Dana NAILED it! I too was going to refer you to that post
from the old Parker forums.

One tip, when re-installing. Put in the silicone and give it a few
hours to set up. Not to FIRM up, just to setup, then install the
window but DO NOT put them snug. Tight enough to hold position, but
not tight. After it fully cures, then pull them up tight. You
might even want to do same with a thin bead around the perimeter.
The whole idea is to get it form like a gasket.

What happens is that people tighten the s$%t out of the hardware and
all of the silicone or goop seeps out the side, which they clean
up. So much seeped out that they ended up with a "dry" joint,
specially after subsequent temp changes.

Glad to see some activity on these boards!