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266 parker25lc Re: Parker Factory Response? 12/14/2004 13:50:00

FWIW I've always received a reply when communicating with Parker's
engineering staff, they've been incredibly responsive, but perhaps
that's because mine is an older hull.

I wonder if Robin is "sensitive" to the dealer regarding issues you
had/have ... thinking that they (Parker) would prefer complaints be
forwarded from the dealer network. However, if not corrected to your
satisfaction and your initial inquiries were in writing (not email)
then yes, I sure would expect a reply.

[In business ... there still is a level of "informality" with email.
IMHO if you want a reply, you should document your initial
complaint/inquiry via a written/signed letter ... that's just my
experience through networking with others, mind you]

Why not pick up the phone and call them??