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267 granpafish Parker response 12/15/2004 16:30:00

Very coincidendal. I was just planning on asking the same
question. We are on our 2nd used 2520, (this one is a 2003) and I
have tried to get a question answered on both boats with no reponse
from them. I thought that maybe it was just me. We love the boat
and have no real complaint but it would be nice if someone would at
least acknowledge an inquiry. In both cases we were able to correct
the problem but in both cases the problem probably should not have
existed in the first place. At any rate, we were ignored on both
counts. Since I've posted, maybe someone has a safe answer to this
question. The transom drain plug on this boat refuses to budge.
I'm sure that if we lock it in tight enough and use a long pipe for
leverage that we can get some movement but the I'm actually afraid
that we could loosen(damage) the thru hull fitting with that amount
of pressure. Anyone have a trick or experience with something like
this? Thanks Granpa