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268 parkeratthebar Re: Parker response 12/15/2004 17:37:00

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> Very coincidendal. I was just planning on asking the same
> question. We are on our 2nd used 2520, (this one is a 2003) and I
> have tried to get a question answered on both boats with no reponse
> from them.

re: drain plug...i would remove the drain assembly by removing the 3
screws that secure it to the hull. then put it in a vice to get the
plug out ,apply some heat if necessary....reinstall with 5200 and new
screws....then put the plug back in with teflon tape on the plug and
grease the t-hull fitting so this can be avoided next year.....if you
force the plug while the assembly is in the hull you will regret of luck, jim