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279 fishinfireman Fix for leaking windshields 1/6/2005 22:20:00

This is how I fixed the leaking windshields on my 2002 2520. I hope
someone can use it.

There is a groove in the face of the moving part of the windshield.
The face with the groove contacts the rubber sealing gasket but not
with enough force to seal out the water. I bought some 1/4" ID latex
rubber tubing and pushed it into the groove while squeezing the
tubing flat. Once I worked it all the way around to where I started I
cut the tubing to the right length and glued the ends together with
super glue. My windshields have been leak free for almost 2 years

You may be able to find a better type of tubing to use but this is
what worked for me. I looked for black rubber tubing but I could not
find it with thin enough walls to fit the groove. This tubing looks
like surgical tubing to me but I found it in the local hardware
store. You can glue the tubing into the groove but it is not really