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300 George Jacob Re: New members but no posts 2/11/2005 10:27:00

"rangertimbo" beautiful boat guy!!!!! I am the proud owner of a 2520 XL with
F225 and love it too... you have a nice website too!!!!!
"Anna Kathryn"

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Subject: [parkerboats] New members but no posts

Eleven new members since the new year and only a handful of posts. We sure
are a
contented bunch. Even with the weather being bad for boating here there's
still no inter-
action. Maybe this site will turn out to be a sleeper that awakens once the
threshold of
Parker owners reaches critical mass : )

How many of you think that running a propane space heater in the pilot house
is asking to
be blown sky-high? Is there that much risk of igniting vapors from the
built-in tank, or is
propane leakage from the portable cylinder the main issue? I have never
noticed any fuel
vapors from the gas tank in the floor areas of the cabin, and I do get down on
all fours and
sniff regularly (old habits from my big boat days). There is a chance of
vapors coming up
through the floor drain hole so I plug that with a rubber stopper. The fuel
filler hose
chase is open to the cabin but is fairly high, so I don't think vapors are
going to climb out
of the bilge that far.

Any ideas? Am I living too dangerously?

I am getting somewhat tired of the continual Parker bashing found on another
site. I go
there for ideas to help support my boat use, not to be harangued by someone
with a bent

If interested, please check out the small site featuring my 2120 at
<a href=""></a>
A new page will be added soon to feature my current prop search. I knew
nothing about
them at first, but am getting a fairly good education via the internet.

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