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305 Art Marshall trying to reduce my planing speed 2/11/2005 23:44:00

I am trying to decrease the speed at which my boat will plane or
stay on plane. I am sure most of you can attest to the fact that
Parker 25s are not the softest riding boats. I can bury the engines
and tab down to smooth things out but the speed is often too fast.
I can not plane until about 2900-3000 rpm. Then the boat wants to
accelerate. I think planing speed is about 20 mph. Are all you dv
25 owners "in the same boat". I'm thinking that the twins on the
bracket sag the stern, raise the bow. If I could create more/better
stern lift via four blades, bigger tabs, or foils ( Permatrim ), I
may be able to smooth things out? Any ideas or success stories.