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306 rangertimbo Re: trying to reduce my planing speed 2/12/2005 9:25:00

Hose Connection,

I don't have the planing problem, but I am considering a four blade to help
handling in the
mid range rpm's. I would think (guessing here) you might try this first, then
do a trim tab
replacement with larger tabs next. Doing the props first will be expensive, but
you may
find a good deal on a pair online. I wish there was a "Prop Swap" board, where
owners could swap props with someone online. It sure would cut down on the cost
trying stuff out. After all, who can really tell whether a particular prop is
the right one in
just a few minutes? I don't expect dealers to lend me a new prop for several
weeks only to
take it back and give me another one.

Isn't a four blade worth considering since; 1) I don't care about losing 2-4 mph
off the top
end speed, 2) I want better performance under heavy loads, 3) and I would like
to plane at
lower speeds (better grip)? Anybody know the "real deal" on this? I need a
"Props for
Dummies" book!

2120 Splashguard- It's got to go! Firm believer in the removal of said device.
Now if the
ice will just melt enough so I can work on it.

Hey! Love seeing the recent traffic on this site! Osprey owners, please feel
welcome! No
bashing, only constructive criticism, frank opinions and support here so far.
I'm sure there
will be a new crop of Parker Owners joining after the boat show season also.

Ranger Tim

P.S. Why are my posts so disjointed looking with text all screwed up? Is it
my browser
(Safari - Mac)?