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307 Dana Cunniff Re: Re: trying to reduce my planing speed 2/12/2005 13:03:00

I have a '97 2530 w/ 5.7L I/O and a deep vee.

Not the same as all the guys with outboards.

I cruise at 25-27 mph at ~3600 rpm. I can get down to
18-20 mph on plane at times. I get there, but I don't
like the low rpm there (~3000 rpm) so I don't do it
unless I have to.

I run at three speeds typically. No wake speeds or
just above, 22 mph range for rough weather, and
cruising or faster.

I've had it on plane at ~16 mph at times but it takes
work. Have done it for places that have 10 mph limit,
like Cape Cod Canal. I'll run at minimal plane then
drop the speed off to not get the authorities after

I think for this style boat, the weight, and the
shape, it is asking a lot to plane at low speed. I
see other types of boats go by me at 10-12 mph on
plane, but they are narrower.

For outboard owners, you can play with props. Duoprop
owners can as well, but it isn't as important.

Changing trim tabs takes some effort as well.

I've found running at the slowest possible plane of
about 16 mph requires some trim tab, some trimming of
the outdrive and constant throttle control to match
the waves and feel the boat gaining/losing its plane.
Too much trim tab down has hindered it, as well as too
much outdrive trimmed down. Shudders the boat too

I see guys in other boats go by on slow plane all the
time in other manufacturers, and I know I can't do it,
so I try to avoid slow areas, or I settle for 6-7 mph
non-plane speeds. But then most of the time when I
cruise at 25-27 mph very few boats end up passing me
over a long distance, as they are up and down in speed
more. Big boats, long, narrow center consoles, and
guys that want to pound their boat go by, usual nobody

--- rangertimbo <<a href="/group/parkerboats/post?postID=AhzFOt6YR_UGqMDafnvu5ixgWAVkDRvjdH7M1sBLMA8gIYAdG453-kS9WgRawnG3rEVzUVnPIZTkXXvria4">kstreagle@...</a>> wrote:

> Hose Connection,
> I don't have the planing problem, but I am
> considering a four blade to help handling in the
> mid range rpm's. I would think (guessing here) you
> might try this first, then do a trim tab
> replacement with larger tabs next. Doing the props
> first will be expensive, but you may
> find a good deal on a pair online. I wish there was
> a "Prop Swap" board, where boat
> owners could swap props with someone online. It
> sure would cut down on the cost of
> trying stuff out. After all, who can really tell
> whether a particular prop is the right one in
> just a few minutes? I don't expect dealers to lend
> me a new prop for several weeks only to
> take it back and give me another one.
> Isn't a four blade worth considering since; 1) I
> don't care about losing 2-4 mph off the top
> end speed, 2) I want better performance under heavy
> loads, 3) and I would like to plane at
> lower speeds (better grip)? Anybody know the "real
> deal" on this? I need a "Props for
> Dummies" book!
> 2120 Splashguard- It's got to go! Firm believer in
> the removal of said device. Now if the
> ice will just melt enough so I can work on it.
> Hey! Love seeing the recent traffic on this site!
> Osprey owners, please feel welcome! No
> bashing, only constructive criticism, frank opinions
> and support here so far. I'm sure there
> will be a new crop of Parker Owners joining after
> the boat show season also.
> Ranger Tim
> P.S. Why are my posts so disjointed looking with
> text all screwed up? Is it my browser
> (Safari - Mac)?
> -------------

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