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317 surfrat2parker Re: Windlass 2/15/2005 8:33:00

Speaking of a windlass...
I'm currently looking to install one on my 21'DVSC. What are
manufacturer/model do people have? Power down or Free fall? Any

Thanks a bunch for any info.


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> OK, Here is a post to help keep the site active.
> I have a EZ Puller anchor winch. I mounted it on my stock Parker
> pulpit with no problem. It is spooled with 600 ft. of 3/8" I am
> pleased with it's operation. It is more like a winch than a
> windlass. Powers down at about 125' per minute and up at 100. I
> didn't think a windlass would work very well as the 2320 has a
> rope locker.
> Every boat is a compromise, but after 2 years I am pleased with
> things about my Parker, for example the electrical wiring is some
> the best I have seen on a boat. Tex