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323 mcarothers88 Re: Any reliable on-line stores? 2/17/2005 8:57:00

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<surfrat2parker@y...> wrote:
> Just wanted to let everyone know that (located in CT)
> having their annual Miami Boat Show Sale from Feb 16 to Feb 21.
> There are some really good deals on electronics. Note: I am not
> affiliated with Defender in anyway. I'm just a very satisfied
> customer.
> Has anyone ever ordered anything from (the
> parent company) or which is
> focused just on marine electronics? Seems like incredible prices
> there.
> Does anyone know of any reliable and "affordable" on-line stores?

I've had good success with Dave's Marine:
Great prices, fast shipping and service and took care of returns
too. Three rivers marine: has pretty
good prices too, though I've never done andy biz with them. Good