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329 rangertimbo Re: 21'' DVSC- Splashboard removal 2/20/2005 22:21:00

Thanks for validating an assumption for me Mark. I have been debating the
removal of
the splashboard for a year now and intend to do so as soon as the water warms.
It makes
cleaning the rear of the boat difficult and is also constantly in the way when
fighting fish.
Water that could possibly dribble in the rear of the boat is not going to be
stopped by this
barrier anyway.

Ranger Tim

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> I've never had the splashboard in mine. The only time there is a problem is
in a
following sea if you stop too quickly. We have considered buying or fabricating
one, but
to me, it violates the KISS principal. Besides, if I do end up with water on
the deck, I want
it to run out QUICKLY and the splashboard would appear to be an impediment to

> Mark in Virginia Beach
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